Jingtang Seaport is the state's first class opening port.In the history of Chinesse seaport construction,Jingtang seaport creats a surprising speed.The construction work commerced on Angust 10,1989.It was in 2003 that No.1 and No.2 port areas had been completed,which own 16 deep-water berrhs of 15000-ton-class to 50000-ton-class with coal,ore,shipping container,perol liquefied gas,bulk cement and so on.The biggest one is 70000-ton class cargo loading and unloading.The cargo through put of the port is only 79000 tons when simple constructed navigation in 1992,and 5000000 tons to 20830000 tons since 1998,stepping into the top 20 coastal seaports in china.jingtang Seaport awarded May 1.Prize in 2003 becomes a well-known champion port.

  Jingtang Seaport ratified by Hebei provincial government becomes the Stock Co.,Ltd in 2000.The main stockholders:Tangshan Port Investment Co.,Ltd.,Beijing Jingtai Investment Management Centre,Hebei Lifeng Yanshan Investment Management Centre,Guofu Investment C.,Ltd.,Hebei Tangshan Construction Investment Co.,Ltd.,Guotou Transpoft Co.,Ltd.of which Tangshan port Investment Co., the biggest one.

  The construction and operation of Jingtang Seaport open up wide space for the development of its hinterland Benefiting from the advantage of seaport,a number of enterprises make full use of both the domestic and the oversea markets.The seaport offers high-quality high-effective,perfect and service for clients,besides,continuously expanding the scale of company and improve economic benefit.With 70000-ton-class berth in Wangtan PortArea and 250000-ton-class berth in Caofeidian Port Area completed by the end of 2005,Jingtang Seaport will definitely contribute to the econmic development of its hinterland.
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